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The Scannerbuff Network provides streaming audio resources. You can view them here.

Teamspeak Streaming Audio & Chat

The Scannerbuff Network operates a dedicated audio streaming/voice/text chat using the acclaimed Teamspeak software. TS, as it is known for short, is free software originally designed for gamers to communicate while they played on-line games. But TS has proven remarkably adept at streaming radio communications. It also allows text or voice conversations while radio audio is streaming.

Our TS server is somewhat unique in that it is a dedicated web server located in a multi-million dollar data center located in Las Vegas. This allows many, many users on-line at any one time. This is compared to a TS server located on a home computer connected via DSL or cable that is limited by its maximum upload speed (usually no more than 128k.)

One awesome capability of a TS streaming audio system is during breaking news that happens to be traveling, such as a high speed pursuit. Just last night, in fact, the California Highway Patrol took over a LAPD chase that began in the far north-west part of Los Angeles. It traveled across much of Southern California and CHP took over shortly after it began. Although our monitoring station receives extremely well, we lost reliable communications and another user took over the audio feed. Teamwork using Teamspeak. We often joke that we have better inter-operability communications than the professionals!

Permission is required to setup a channel on our server. You may refer to the instructions on setting up a TS client-server (you) here. All you need is a scanner connected to your computer. Advanced streaming instructions are located here. If you would like to provide a fulltime feed please feel free to contact us.

Our TS server is located at:
Our Streaming Server is ONLY For Participating Members of Our Forums.

The free TS software must first be downloaded and installed on your computer and configuration is automated. Login instructions are available here.

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