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WELCOME to the ScannerBuff Network!

SBN is the internet's home for scanning enthusiasts around the country. SBN features Incident Notifications via e-mail, text messaging, and pager e-mail gateways that allow you to stay on top of breaking action in your local or regional area.

ScannerBuff actually began in 1987 when we released one of the first commercially successful computer applications by the same name, and then ScannerBuff On-Line™. That was back in the days of a 300 baud modem and a BBS.

SBN is completely free to all members. The primary differences between SBN and pay sites are that 1) We are national; 2) An incident doesn't need to be televised, 3) Posts in the TalkGroups appear as soon as you post them, and 4) We notify you about specific incidents of interest to you - not just televised pursuits!

A major feature of SBN is Incident Notification Groups where you specify the type and severity of incidents that you would like to be notified of. For example, if a pursuit is televised in your area and you select only televised events you will be alerted. If you are interested in three alarm fires, but nothing less, SBN will alert you that an incident is occurring. The alert will contain relevant information, such as dispatch radio frequency, TV channel(s), and an overview of details provided. SBN also provides a User TalkGroup for discussion of in-progress events. Users themselves issue alerts for the benefit of others.

Benefits of SBN

  • Free
  • Nationwide Incident Notifications
  • Nationwide User TalkGroups (Forums)
  • Fast & Powerful Searchable Databases
  • User Created Searchable Databases
  • Your Own Private Database On-Line
  • Download Receiver Specific Data Files

SBN is perfect for radio and TV stations nationwide, independent ENG reporters, scanning enthusiasts, and TV viewers alike.

Stay tuned as SBN quickly grows into a community that helps one another coast-to-coast!

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