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Recent Recorded Events
Los Angeles Sheriff pursuit of a murder suspect. 01-21-2004
  16 minute MP3
LAPD Harbor Division pursuit of narcotic suspects. 01-22-2004
  8 minute MP3
LAPD N. Hollywood pursuit of an armed robber. Shots had been fired at a police officer. 1-24-2004
  10 minute MP3
LAPD N. Hollywood pursuit of a man w/gun. 1-24-2004 Over an hour.
  1:13 minute MP3
LAPD/CHP Pursuit of a stolen veh. This pursuit was one of the best televised in awhile. It ended when the suspect began showboating an TC'd into several vehicles. 1-29-2004
  50 minutes MP3
LASD/CHP Pursuit of a man with a gun. Original length was 120 minutes! EXCELLENT chase that was right at the corner of my house at one point. 3-30-2004
  75 Minutes MP3
REDONDO BEACH, CA pursuit of an armed robbery suspect. 3-31-04   2 Hours MP3
LAPD/CHP Pursuit. Kick butt, action packed chase. Multiple assaults on the officers, their patrol cars. Total length was over 2 hours. Time shortened. 5-15-04   1:25 minute MP3
LASD pursuit of their own stolen unit. Hot pursuit.   1:30 minute MP3
Simi Valley Officer Involved Shooting & Pursuit on 5-21-04. Multiple agencies involved.   2:00 minute MP3
Pasadena Police pursuit of armed robbery suspects. Multiple agencies involved. Shots fired and suspect down. 05-29-04.   1:07 minute MP3
LAPD Kidnap Pursuit. Excellent 7-31-04   40 minutes MP3
LAPD Shooting Suspect. 2 hour chase shortened to 47 minutes.   47 minute MP3
Los Angeles Sheriff Compton pursuit of a poss. murder/assault suspect. At termination shots were fired and a deputy struck by friendly fire.   13 minutes MP3
Los Angeles Sheriff Compton stolen patrol car. Unit was taken by a ride-along. Part I is a suicidal suspect that was engaged in conversation over the radio with the Deputy who's car he stole. Part II is the simultaneous pursuit and coordination with allied agencies.  

50 minute MP3 Part I Negotiation

50 minute MP3 Part II Pursuit

Los Angeles Sheriff Lancaster stolen patrol car. Suicidal suspect that was engaged in conversation over the radio with the Deputy who's car he stole. 03-02-2006   1:07 Minute MP3
SWAT Offier Randy Simmons End-of-Watch (EOW) Announcement - 2-15-2008   1:36 Minute MP3

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