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About SBN Alerts

SBN is unique in that we provide notifications for a broad range of incidents nationwide - not just televised events. SBN is completely free to individual member but offers Priority Alerts© to TV, radio, and independent ENG services, as well as to public safety agencies. As SBN continues to grow these services will benefit from Priority Alerts©.

The way that SBN works is simple: you monitor an event on your radio or TV and alert others that it is happening. Member's around the country select regions and types of incidents. There are currently over 115 regions defined.

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Another feature offered by SBN is our converted ULS database of frequencies. Conversion is tedious at best, but we're constantly making improvements and adding content. There are currently about 1 million records in our database.

Equally as important as the ULS are User Databases. User databases are those created by users just like you through an easy-to-use interface. By adding information others will benefit. An enhancement to this feature is the ability to mark a record and its contents as private. This restricts access to only you and the record contents will not appear in search results unless you are performing the search. Typing a list into Excel® is now a thing of the past.

All of this and this is just the beginning!

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