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Finally, a unique service designed for the scanner enthusiast - The ScannerBuff Network. ScannerBuff has been around since early 1987 when we released one of the first commercially successful radio frequency database managers. SBN is now a Nationwide service dedicated to alerting you of major incidents, User Talk Groups, on-line frequency databases with formatted listings for popular receivers, and More.


When the action is happening right now, let the ScannerBuff Network notify you. Each day brings televised and radio broadcast pursuits, armed robberies, major fires, natural disasters, and more. Best of all, it's completely free!

Instant Alerts
by pager or email of televised or broadcast pursuits, major crimes, fires, natural disatsers and more. Nationwide!
On-Line Databases
of radio frequencies across all spectrums. Updated frequently and includes trunking systems and ICIS networks.
User TalkGroups
organized by state and region for discussion of scanning. No posting delays! Free to all members.
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